6 Tips To Manage Stress At The Workplace

Nowadays, the average business professional has a lot of work to complete every day. A report states that the present day employees are interrupted 7 times an hour and they get distracted up to 2.1 hours a day. In addition, four out of 10 people working at large organizations experience a major corporate restructuring and so they feel high level of uncertainty about their future. This is the reason why most working professionals state that the high stress level of work at day time, makes them sleepless at nights. So, if you are a working professional concerned about the increased stress level at work, it is important that you should understand certain tricks to manage your stress at work. Here are some tips that will help with effective stress management at work:

  1. Do not react, but act:

Generally, humans experience stress, when the situations are out of their control. When this happens, the stress hormones will be activated and this will affect concentration, confidence and well-being of employees. In such a situation, employees are recommended to identify the aspects of the situations that are out of control and aspects that cannot be controlled. Typically, the employees will be in better control of their actions and responses, but they will not be in control of macro forces or the tone of someone else.

  1. Take deep breaths:

When employees feel highly stressed or when they get out of a nerve-racking meeting, it is important that they should clear their mind and here a few minutes of deep breath will help them in restoring the balance. All that is to be done is to simply inhale for five seconds and they should hold and exhale slowly through the nose. This breathing technique will get instant relaxation from the huge stress level, such that they can concentrate on the other works thereafter.

  1. Eliminate Interruptions:

Nowadays, most employees are attacked during the day with a whole lot of work and they will have to attend a lot of phone calls, emails, instant massages, pop ins and urgent deadlines to be met. So, they are highly distracted as compared to employees of the past. Many interruptions recur and employees can actually anticipate some of them. When things can be anticipated, employees are recommended to maintain a preset criteria to manage such situations. They can just train their subordinates, who interrupt in their work to manage the emails and phone calls on their own.

  1. Scheduling the day for focus and energy:

During the work hours most employees push themselves a lot to produce more within the schedule 8-10 hours. But, when this is done, rather than increased productivity, they will experience that their productivity reduces and stress levels go up and there will only be a little energy left for spending time with the family at the end of the day. So, the best thing they can do to ensure optimum productivity is to take breaks in the middle of work and simple breathing exercises can be done to manage the stress created by huge workload.

  1. Eating right and sleeping well will help:

Employees should remember that eating badly will stress their system to a great extent. They are recommended to take high-protein and low-sugar diet. In addition, when they do not sleep well, they do not get the rejuvenating effects. Generally, the time of sleep is the recovery period for the body and when there is no night sleep, it will have a negative impact on their emotional and mental levels the next morning. When the thought of workload to be managed the next day creates stress at night and disturbs the night sleep, they are recommended to follow breathing exercises to relax their mind and to induce good sleep.

  1. Prioritizing the priorities:

With fast-changing priorities and competing deadlines, it is critical to identify what is truly important and the reason behind the importance. It is important that employees should understand their role in the organization, the strategic priorities of the company, personal strengths and goals. They are recommended to pick their to-do list by paying attention to those projects that will have the most impact and are best aligned with goals.

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