About MindLeap Success

My name is Gary Downey.

About 5 years ago my life was at an extremely low point.

I remember answering the phone one evening when my friend called me out for drinks.

I said “I can’t make it tonight. I’ve got something on tonight! You guys go ahead.”

I told my friend I couldn’t make it but the truth was that I actually couldn’t afford to go out with them.

If I did, I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking how I’m going to pay for my own dinner.

The thing is back then I faced a dreadful financial situation.

I got into an investment that turned out to be a complete bogus scheme.

Everything seemed so real and a relative of mine recommended the investment to me.

Unfortunately, it was a bogus investment and I lost all my hard earned money that I saved up over the years.

The truth is, for months I really felt helpless. Every single day I will be flled with regret for what the stupid move I made.

But as the months went by, I wanted things to change. I wanted it to change badly.

And so I started approaching and speaking to individuals around me who are successful.

I wanted to fnd out how they got to where they are. What were the habits they did, what were the obstacles they faced?

How did they do it? Did they simply just become successful overnight?
I quickly learned from all of these successful individuals and the things they had in common.

I then started modeling after all that they did and turned my life around in a span of 3 years.

Since then, I’ve became inspired to share the very same information that has helped me to completely turn my life around in hopes that it’ll help someone out there who was in my shoes before.

I sincerely believe that success is for everyone. And everyone deserves to succeed.

And so, our mission is to help individuals to experience life breakthroughs with the power of taking mindset jumps.