How to Overcome Fear and Start Living to Your Full Potential

Before moving ahead, the first thing we must be aware of is the definition of fear. Fear by definition is a feeling which is caused due to the presence of any danger. Everyone is clear with the fact that when you fear anything, you will feel the cold blood, flowing inside you, your heartbeat rises, and you are struck by tension. These are the natural signs you will see when you fear anything.

The most important fact about fear is that fear is about any event which is going to occur in future. Most of our fears are about any future activities. This fear leads to many of our actions which we take in the future.

Fear, a way to control us:

Fear is the result of our negative thoughts. This emotion is quite powerful in nature. Our fear is the reason that we tend to do some work carefully. For example, our fear drives us to cross the road watchfully. It is often seen that a child grows up with something to fear because our elder knows that this is the best option to control their young ones.

The root causes of fear:

Survival is the fact which we fear about. We fear by the fact that nobody will love us. Take any kind of fear and you will find the causes of these fears are due to the fact that you don’t want any harm to yourself, whether the harm is related to health or emotions.

How to overcome your fear?

Fears are sometimes good for a personal reason as it helps us to get rid of some situations that can be dangerous. But sometimes, the effect is just opposite. Our fear makes us slow to react as we fear the consequences of the activities. In such situation one needs to overcome his/her fears to achieve success. Here are a few tips which will help you overcome your fear:

  1. Just remember that a human soul is immortal. Your religion must have taught you that the soul continues living even after the death of the human body. So, just remember that one day you will meet death certainly. All of us have to face this truth. You need to accept this fact that your soul will live forever and your body will die someday.
  2. If you get time, read books like “The power of Now”. This book will help you in reducing your fear. Through this book, you will be able to focus on the present moment in your life rather than fearing about future events.
  3. Try to figure out your fears and put all the fears in a list. Try to remember everything about the fear and write all the details about it. Mention the event which happened. Mention whether the event took place or not. Think of times when your fear really happened in your life. It is often seen that changes in life have a positive effect on you. For example, you lose a job which you hated and search for a new job that you will love to do.
  4. Start a separate log dedicated to fear only. Note down whenever you feel fear about anything. Write down the date, the thing which you fear, the time and what do you think will be the outcome of the fear. Try to have a look at your fear log after some time. Try to figure out that what percentage of your fear has really taken place in the form of any event. In this way, you can find that the results are bad or good for you.
  5. Try to accept the fear. If you fear something, then have the courage to accept your fear. Try to make yourself clear about your fear and find out the reason why you fear a particular event. Try to give up your fear and get rid of it with a bang.

Remember that you cannot overcome your fear unless you know it well.

Overcome your fear and unleash the heights in your life:

Giving up yourself to your fear will never allow you to work to your full capacity so come face to face with your fear you will be able to achieve success in your life.

Another powerful way of overcoming fear is through the use of powerful visualization tools.

Visualization tools that can help to alter your subconscious mind and help you conquer your fears or forget a painful past.

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