How To Quit Any Addiction From Taking Over Your Life?

What is your addiction? Regardless of whether, you are dealing with an addiction to smoking, alcohol, gambling, lying or any other thing for that matter, you will have to first accept that you have a problem. Accepting your problem is always the first step towards finding a real solution to it. Now, you have found this article just because you have accepted your problem and want to find a remedy for the same. Now, this is the right time to make a plan for yourself to quit your habit. Just you can seek help and can prepare yourself for obstacles that you will surely come across. If you want to learn how to backlash the habit and start living life to the fullest potential, just keep reading the tips given below:

  1. Deciding to quit:

The first step in this process is to decide yourself to quit the habit. This can be done in a number of ways. For instance, you can write down the ill-effects of your habit. Even though, it might not feel good to acknowledge all the ways in which your habit is harming you, but when you see things in writing with your own handwriting, it will help you quickly get into a resolution to quit the habit.

Just take out a pen and piece of paper and write down all the negative effects, you have been experiencing right from your addiction. Also, list out the ways in which the habit hurt you mentally and emotionally and how it affected your social status. All these things will give you a motivation to quit the habit as quickly as possible. Some addictions will take a huge toll on your finances. Just write down the money that you have spent towards devouring your addiction. When you see this huge number in paper, it will automatically create an interest in you to quit the habit.

  1. List out the constructive changes that you need in your life:

Now, you have listed out the ill-effects of your addiction. Now, it is time to write down, how much your life will improve when you quit the habit. Just picturize your life during the post-addiction period and identify how you want it to look like:

  • It will help me save a whole lot of money
  • It will help in improving my health to a great extent.
  • I will be in a position to feel confident and proud again
  • You will be in a position to spend more time with your loved ones when you quit the habit
  • You might feel a sense of freedom that you have not had for the past several years.

These are just examples of positive things that can happen when the habit is quit.

  1. Write down your commitment towards quitting:

Having a list of solid reasons to quit handy will help you stick to your plan in the long run. Your reasons to quit must be highly important for you as compared to continuing with the habit. Here are some valid reasons you can write down to quit the habit:

  • I want to live my life to its fullest again
  • I want to quit because I am feeling short of money to feed the habit
  • I want to get out of the habit, just because I want to be a better spouse to my partner.
  • I want to quit because I would like to see my grandchildren one day.
  1. Make a plan:

When it comes to planning, you should set a date for quitting. It can be any day within a week or so, rather than setting a date that has long duration to come. The reason is that your resolution might dissolve within that date. During this period, you can seek some personal support from your family members to encourage you from quitting the habit. Even, you can get professional support from counselors.

The other things you will have to do are identifying your triggers, should ramp down your addictive habit and getting your environment ready can all help.

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